Exposing the reason of 136 agents out of gas

Market Administration has said, there are 136 stores all gasoline excuse for not providing clues, accounting for 64% of the total number of cases sold last stop. Department is clarifying this really cause damage.


    According to the latest synthesis of the Market Management Department , there were 212 petrol outlets close or reduce sales time . Of these, 136 stores ran out of gas as the excuse not to provide clues .

    During the test before gas prices 3rd Tuesday 13/8 , 82 stores nationwide have closed or cut sale time on a total of 16 localities , provinces and cities .

    Rally to 4th day 28/8 , some shops closed , and gasoline cut selling time has risen to 130 and takes place in 25 provinces and cities .

    Through reviewing the classification , Market Management Department , said the sale of petroleum stop to 9 different types of reasons .

    But why is the most popular out of gas . Mr. Do Thanh Lam , Deputy Director of Market Management , said most , the retail stores are declared reason is the focal point for not providing timely , not enough so to stop selling goods .

Some stores are up to 136 statistical units and accounted for 64 % of the total number of cases to stop selling . In particular, the head of the 19 shops in Hanoi , Dong Nai has 16 stores , Vinh Phuc has 8 stores , Thua Thien - Hue 6 stores , Binh Thuan 5 stores ...

A detailed list of the stores showed out of stock reasons related to gasoline brands as Mipec , PVOil , Petrolimex , Petec , Thanh Le , Mipeco , Petimex ...

This is why most are controversial and potentially speculative hoarding behavior . Currently Market Management Department is conducting a general review of the entire distribution system and retail , as the cause of all gasoline to determine violations .

Specifically , management of market forces will check registration dossiers entire distribution system of general agents and agents petroleum business , the inventory business conditions , check the contract of agency management , general agent .

Especially , for those stores , general agent recently stopped selling or cut production goods supply , market forces will manage specific test each contract , document import goods , compare the invoice , delivery bill of sale location to general agents and agents to clarify the responsibilities of the parties.

With 76 stores closed fuel remaining , Market Management Department , said the objective reasons often occupy rare few . For example , the 2 examinations only 7 stores closed because of power failure , breakdown of machinery , equipment , 6 stores to stop selling gasoline family tree owners or employees funerals, weddings or accident , only 9 stores sales posted during the previous registration period should be posted outside the closed shop , no sale .

For commercial reasons , some shops closed higher gasoline , as many as 25 stores before selling off due to reported business losses , transferred shop or business transformation repair ground ... Own this case , the market has managed to verify this fact the unit had announced his retirement from previous sales .

In addition, inspections recorded 9 stores stopped selling due to contract disputes between agents with unit fuel supply as debt , no money importing goods ... , 6 shops selling due to break State agencies to suspend business or stop business requirements .

Until the present time , there are nine stores to stop selling but no clear reason , the management of the market has been verified .

Topping the number of stores to stop selling gasoline , reducing the time to sell is the province of Binh Duong has 33 stores , Dong Nai has 23 stores , 22 stores in Hanoi , Ho Chi Minh City 17 stores .


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