EVN will calculate the price of electricity before the tenth

"At least before 10/01/2012, EVN must recalculate the cost to produce electricity business proposed pricing schemes".


    Mr. Dang Huy Cuong, Director of Electricity Regulation (Ministry of Industry and Trade) have said so at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Industry and Trade on operational and commercial industry in August and 8 months 2012, be held on the afternoon of 10/9 in Hanoi.

The average price ( VNĐ / kWh ) in 2002 to adjust the final time in May 7/2012 .

In fact , in recent months , the water of the lake many EVN hydropower maximum exploitation of hydropower plants , thus mobilizing the power structure from hydropower accounted for the highest proportion , nearly 50 % . The mobilization of resources from hydropower EVN benefit because this group is to buy cheap electricity .

Therefore, the question is posed with his strength when EVN is buying cheap electricity but still increase the price of 1/7 , then the data in time , electricity prices have been lowered ?

" The electricity is hydropower resources mobilized by no means cheap electricity prices will have to consider reducing the price of electricity because of the dry season . So much hydropower development in 7/ 2012 8/2012 also no reason to adjust electricity prices " , Director General of Electricity Regulators say .

Mr Cuong said that electricity prices must rise or fall of both 2012 are compared with the actual cost of electricity generation and distribution under the plan . Therefore electricity pricing schemes will be calculated on the cost of production of electricity transmission , distribution and retail of both in 2012 .

" EVN will calculate the total cost , the cost of commercial electricity production of electricity 1kWh than the actual cost of generating commercial electricity 1kWh plus planned business results of the previous year to propose electricity price adjustment plan , " Cuong told reporters at the meeting .

Earlier, the price of electricity has risen on 1/7/2012 ( up 5 % ) should be the minimum before 10/01/2012 , EVN to calculate the production cost of electricity for business electricity prices proposed plan , according to leadership electricity Regulatory Bureau .

Based on EVN's proposal , based on the actual situation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Finance will submit answers or decisions .


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