Along DN entered the Russian market

(ĐTCK) Many firms in the import-export sector attended the workshop "Providing information about the market of the Russian Federation" by the Hanoi Department of Industry and Commerce, Embassies and Trade Agency of the Russian Federation held in Vietnam organizations, with the participation of the Bank in collaboration Army (MB) on the morning of 09/07/2012.


    MB is reserved preferential credit package to 10.000 billion for the import and export enterprises


The workshop not only provided an overview of the economic ties of the two countries , the demand for imported goods , tax policy , administrative procedures , customs ... but in here , some enterprises direct access to a payment plan and financing international trade worth U.S. $ 10,000 billion, with more products and services dedicated to the import and export enterprises objects of MB . MB deputy general manager , Mr. Do Van Hung said the MB will best efforts to partner with companies entering the Russian market , contributing to the development of trade relations Vietnam - Russia worthy tradition and potential capital of two countries ...


Vietnam trade relations - Russia : target of $ 5 billion of imports and exports in 2015

Ms. Nguyen Khanh Ngoc , European Market Department , Ministry of Industry and Trade said that economic and trade relations Vietnam - Russia is developing relationships on a long tradition , from the former Soviet Union . Beginning in 2001, the economic relations of the two countries are promoting strong , particularly , trade between Vietnam and Russia in recent years of steady growth . In 2009, the total export turnover of Vietnam - Russia reached 1.86 billion U.S. dollars , the figure of 1.82 billion dollars in 2010 and by 2011 , Vietnam exported 593 million ultra-luxury line , total imports and exports with Russia reached nearly $ 2 billion . Our goal is the exchange of goods turnover between Vietnam and Russia will reach $ 3 billion by 2012 , 5 billion in 2015 and $ 10 billion in 2020 .

According to Ms. Jade , the structure of imports and exports of the two countries have complementary properties . Accordingly , the main import items of Vietnam 's petroleum , steel , fertilizer , machinery and equipment , the main export items of Vietnam is the phones and their parts , marine products textiles, clothing , footwear , vegetables , nuts , coffee , rice, tea ...

However, if you look at the level of the overall trade turnover Vietnam - Russia accounts for a very small proportion of the total trade of each country . How to strengthen economic ties and trade between the two countries is the common goal of both countries have a traditional relationship special ? The advantage is in the edicts of foreign policy in the new term of the Russian President V. Putin was recently ranked in the group of Vietnam important partner in Asia - Pacific, immediately after par with China and India . Besides, since the date of 22/8 past , Russia has formally joined the World Trade Organization ( WTO ) , opening up opportunities boosted trade relations between Russia and the country in which Vietnam. In the economic map of the world , Russia is the 9th largest economy , with a total import and export value of about $ 800 billion in 2011 . With the advantage of huge market and abundant resources , the Russian market is an attractive address for businesses , particularly for companies in countries such as Vietnam , which have economic relations and traditional stronger with Russia .

MB deputy general manager , Mr. Do Van Hung said that in recent years , the Russian market is the destination of many enterprises in Vietnam. The Russian market is not demanding market for goods in Vietnam. According to Mr Hung , few markets that Vietnamese enterprises have many advantages , such as the Russian market , because there are many businesses here due to the Vietnamese and business management in the field of construction, real estate , manufacturing consumer goods , retail and wholesale ... so to Russia , Vietnam enterprises will be the backing and support of very large enterprises Vietnam has long history working in Russia , the relationships , understanding business culture as well as the country's indigenous culture , language , experience working in a new environment . Moreover, the commodities of Vietnam also familiar with the goods of Russia and Vietnam are also favored Russians .


In the Russian market , how?

In the Russian market , how? That is one question many businesses are now interested . According to Ngoc Khanh , joining the WTO , Russia has committed to cut tariffs on primary commodities groups . Accordingly , the list of preferential tariff chapters on seafood , rice , coffee , tea , vegetables ... The companies want to penetrate Vietnam or expand market in Russia is necessary to study carefully the commitment of Russia to join WTO soon take advantage of market opportunities opening up of Russia . In addition to expanding export markets , firms may seek investment opportunities and service providers in Russia . According to Mrs Ngoc Khanh , in political terms - as economic advantages today , enterprises should actively and proactively seek opportunities to expand business cooperation with Russia . Businesses can seek assistance through the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam , as well as the Association direct contact with the ministries, government agencies ...

Besides, through this organization , businesses can also consult with the government delegation negotiating on issues related to policies to prepare for the negotiation process to establish a free trade area ( FTA ) between Vietnam and the Customs Union ( including Russia , Belarus and Kazakhstan ) , is expected to launch its first meeting on I/2013 quarter . According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade , Vietnam is the Customs Union FTA negotiations first in the list of countries want to join the alliance .

At MB , to serve the payment transactions and banking , trade finance businesses of the two countries , Mr Hung said , right from its inception , MB has focused on expanding partnerships with banks Product of the Russian Federation and former Soviet countries . Currently, the MB has established correspondent relations with 20 banks in Russia , including Russian banks and branches of foreign banks in Russia . In particular , some traditional correspondent banks like Bank of MB to save the Russian Federation ( Sberbank ) , Bank Russia ( Rosbank ) , the Bank for Foreign Trade of Russia ( Vnestorgbank ) , Promsvyazbank Bank , Bank of Moscow, regional Development banks throughout Russia ...

In addition to consulting efforts , direct support businesses learn to participate in export markets , including Russia , MB Bank is dedicated to preferential credit package 10.000 billion for the subject DN this . Hundreds of companies belonging to sectors like textiles, leather thickness , agricultural and fishery products , wood processing , oil and gas , petrochemical ... received preferential credits of MB in program support import and export enterprises . 10,000 billion credit package of MB applied for loans disbursed prior to 31/12/2012 and to date , the amount disbursed amounted to 5.000 billion. Along with direct support financially , MB was constantly giving solution packages and package products useful to block the disbursement and support import and export enterprises . In addition, the MB also offers a special product : USD loan interest rates for importers or trading companies in the country . The interest rate is determined on the credit rating of companies in MB .

With there own advantages , the Russian Federation is an export market potential for Vietnam . However, imports and exports between the two countries is still modest by Vietnam enterprises have not been regularly updated information about the market , and know deep understanding of customer needs . In addition, many exporters still face difficulties in solving administrative procedures , tariffs , payment ... not found by the consultant , the best companion to enter the Russian market .

With the friendly Russian people , with special traditional relationship between the two countries , the Russian market with a large and open , the DN sure Vietnam will have a better chance on the Russian market if you find the reliable companion , firmly as MB .


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