26.2 billion in M & A in the ASEAN region

The total value of commercial cross-border acquisitions in the first half year reached the highest in ASEAN to date and larger 23.2 -billion in 2011 .

Due to strong growth and financial statements " beautiful " , Southeast Asian businesses are increasingly acquiring company financial , energy and retail around the world .


Recently, an event property acquired cult are public attention . Investment bank Religare Capital Markets India announced a company has to pay claims SGD 7.7 billion ( $ 6.2 billion ) for Frasers Centrepoint array of real estate , 71 % higher than the current share price of the Group 129 -year-old Singapore Fraser & Neave ( F & N ) . According to Bloomberg , the deal will be ' acquired ' property the largest in Southeast Asia .


Last August , the Malaysian state-owned company - Petroliam Nasional Bhd ( Petronas ) has reached a deal to buy Progress Energy Resources ( Canada ) for $ 5.6 billion. Thailand company PTT Exploration & Production (Thailand ) announced the acquisition prepare Cove Energy PLC (UK ) for $ 1.9 billion ... and many M & A deals hit another .


Talking to the media dimensions of 9/11 , Mr. Bach Van Mung , Director of Competition Management , the Ministry of Industry and Trade also stated , in the general context of economic recession in many parts of the world , M & A is a of the effective tools to enterprise restructuring , maintain and improve operational efficiency .


Mr. Good information , alone in the first half of this year , while the total value of transactions across Asia nearly unchanged , the acquisition by transnational companies in the ASEAN region has implemented the record 26.2 billion dollars . This number is greater than U.S. $ 23.2 billion worth of transactions in 2011 .


Director General of the Competition Administration said that besides the benefits can not be denied of M & A provides for economic development , remains more concerned that if not strictly controlled , the operation this will be an opportunity for big business acquisition , expansion , market strength .


" Since then , the effect of restricting competition and adversely affect the business environment of equality, not only in the healthy range of domestic national scale but also in Southeast Asia ," Mr. Good said .


Trinh Anh Tuan , Head of the International Cooperation Administration said competing Department of Trade and Industry will cooperate with ASEAN Secretariat Conference competition held in Southeast Asia with the theme : Mergers and Acquisitions - The impact on the ASEAN region , at HCMC in two days 13 and 14/9 . According to Tuan , this will be an open forum for the leaders and representatives of the competition authorities of the countries of Southeast Asia , America , Australia , Japan ... investment funds , law firms and exchange dissected more about M & A.


The important issues to be discussed include : the impact of M & A for the Member States and the ASEAN region ; international experience in the management and supervision of M & A activity M & A across borders , how to optimize the benefits ...


" We expect the conference will have a positive contribution to the healthy development of the M & A sector in Southeast Asia in general and Vietnam in particular ," Tuan said .


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